Top 5 reasons to Schedule You Time

You’ve heard of a vacation and a staycation. Have you heard of a Youcation? Probably not, because I just made up the phrase. However, the benefits of scheduling time just for you are many and are well documented.

Why is it important to schedule time for yourself? Because thinking about setting aside time for yourself is not going to ensure it happens. In fact, thinking about setting aside time for yourself keeps you from actually doing it. Scheduling you time in your calendar exponentially increases the chances that it will happen. It’s the doing it piece that gets most people stuck. Stop thinking and start doing – go ahead and schedule your you time each day. You are worth it!

Here are 5 Benefits of You Time.

1. You time is an essential part of your day. That’s right, you time should be a daily activity, even if it’s for 30 minutes to read a book, work-out, take a walk or watch the sun rise. Also, make sure that others know it’s your you time.

2. Don’t think for a moment that scheduling you time is selfish. It’s quite the opposite. The better you feel, the better you feel about the people around you and the better the people around you feel about you.

3. Setting aside you time on a regular basis enables you to be more engaged in all your activities.

4. You time helps you be more comfortable in your own skin. Know yourself. Love yourself.

5. You time increases your productivity and creativity. Many homes these days have more open floor plans, and offices have more shared work spaces. However, studies show that solitude or rather, you time, is essential to both productivity and creativity.

In addition to your daily you time, schedule at least an hour or two every month for a custom massage or a refreshing facial as part of your healthy living program.

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