Massage Therapist

As the expert in body care, Massage Retreat and Spa Therapists provide relieve, recovery, support of proper movement and injury prevention through massage.

Our Massage Therapists have the opportunity for continued education and career advancement opportunities.

Interested candidates should complete certification for massage therapy and bodywork from an accredited program prior to application. Additional state, county and/or city massage therapy licenses may be necessary depending on your location.

My Day

“My typical day at Massage Retreat & Spa begins with a warm greeting from our fantastic Service Desk Advisors! As I walk through the spa, the calming atmosphere puts me in a great mood to start my day. I start by prepping my room, ensuring I am fully stocked, and checking my clients’ folders to ensure I am fully prepared for my sessions. The rest of the day is filled with seeing clients, helping to keep our supplies stocked, laundry, or spa cleaning. Of course, while performing these tasks, my day is mixed with very enjoyable conversation and banter with my Massage Retreat & Spa family. As my day comes to an end, I ensure my room has been cleaned, stocked, and shut down, ready for the next Massage Therapist coming in the following day.  After a hard, yet fulfilling day’s work, I head home, already looking forward to my next day in spa.” – Mike A. | Massage Therapist Lead – Woodbury