Lash Retreat – Eyelash Extensions


Introducing NEW Lash Retreat Eyelash Extensions! Enjoy longer, fuller, thicker and more gorgeous eyelashes for up to a month or longer.


First Full Set of Eyelashes $75* 

(Regular Price $200)


Premium Mink Full Set of Eyelashes $125* 

(Regular Price $300)


Lash Types: 

Standard, Mink or Volume


Lash Styles: 

Naturalista, Baby Doll or Fabulash
Lash Styles: Naturalista, Baby Doll, Fabulash


Membership Options: 

Healthy Savings Members add-on to existing membership.
Includes: One Standard Eyelash refill per month: $45
Additional service discounts. Premium Mink Eyelash upgrade available.


Includes: One Eyelash refill per month
Additional service discounts. Premium Mink Eyelash upgrade available.




Diamond Club
Lash Retreat
Full Set Standard  $75  $85  $200
Full Set Premium Mink  $125  $135 $300
Refill Standard** $40  $50  $75
Refill Premium Mink**  $75  $85  $100
30-Min. Touch-Up Standard $25  $35 $45
30-Min. Touch-Up Mink  $45 $55  $65
Lash Removal  $20  $30  $35
Full Set  $20  $25  $35
 Refill**  $15  $20  $35
 30-Min. Touch-Up  $10  $15  $25


Facial Wax Services:

 •  Lip $10
 •  Chin $10
 •  Ears $10
 •  Nose $10
 •  Eyebrows $15
 •  Cheeks $15
 •  Sideburns $15
 •  Full Face $40

Brow Tinting:

 •  Brow (Regular price) $19.95
  •  Brow (Member price)  $14.95

After Care – First 48 Hours:

During the first 48 hours eyelash extensions are vulnerable to steam, moisture, sweat, oil-based ingredients, cleansing products, and friction from rubbing. It is very important that you refrain from the above during this 48-hour bonding period, in which the lashes create the strongest hold.

Massage Retreat & Spa wants you to receive the optimal performance from your lash application. For your lashes to last longer and to have the lowest possibility of irritation, we recommend the following:

•  DO NOT get the lashes wet.
•  DO NOT participate in activities that may cause you to perspire.
•  DO NOT sleep face down or on your sides.
•  DO NOT receive facial waxing or chemical peels.
•  DO NOT use make-up around the eye area or on the lashes themselves.
•  DO NOT use oil-based products on or around your eyes.


After Care – After 48 Hours:

Maintenance after your first 48 hours is a must. We recommend using a eyelash cleanser, a styling wand, and the use of a coating.

Start off by applying the eyelash cleanser onto the top and bottom eyelids, pat the cleanser directly onto your lashes, then rinse off with cool water. After you have cleansed your lashes, towel blot to dry. Refrain from excess rubbing on your lash line. Follow-up with a styling wand and brush your lashes to give them a full voluptuous look. Use a lash coating once a week to help protect against
debris, sweat, and water.

Avoid the Following:

•  Excessive rubbing of the eyes
•  Excessive exposure to moisture or steam
•  Waterproof cosmetics around the eyes
•  Mechanical lash curlers
•  Oil-based products around the eyes



*First-time guests only. Only Lash Retreat gift cards accepted for Lash Retreat services.
**Must have minimum of 25% lashes remaining.