How Scary Is Your Skin?


With one of the biggest holidays for heavy, fancy makeup comes one of the biggest days for stripping and damaging your skin. How can you get that makeup off easily?


  1. Red hairspray, glitter gel, Dracula paste? Try Precleanse on your hair to remove all the devilish product build-up. Simply apply to dry hair, emulsify, rinse and shampoo as normal.
  2. False lashes pulling out your real ones? “Eye” understand the struggle! Precleanse is excellent for removing stubborn eyelash glue without damaging your skin or your existing lashes.
  3. For your rebellious costumes, Precleanse removes the most stubborn stick-on tattoos.
  4. The beautiful Cleopatra was known for her sultry, statement cat-line eyeliner. However, dark circles are not fun the day after. Precleanse will help you say goodbye to those nasty raccoon eyes!
  5. Ghoulish white paste all over your face? Don’t go to bed looking like a ghost. Try a double cleanse. Use Precleanse before washing your face with the Special Cleansing Gel to give a safe, gentle cleanse.
  6. Fake blood dripping down your cheeks was a great look for October 31, but nobody wants to see your stained skin at work the day after. Remove fake blood with just a few drops of Precleanse.

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