Massage Retreat and Spa Estheticians are experts in helping guests achieve smooth, radiant skin through treatment and custom facials, Chemical Peels, Dermaplaning and waxing services.

Our Estheticians have the opportunity for continued education and career advancement opportunities.

Interested candidates should have appropriate state, county and/or city licenses prior to application.

My Day

“I always like to be in the spa at least a half hour before my shift starts. This gives me time to get my room ready and get myself grounded and prepared for my upcoming clients! Depending on the day, I may do a variety of services such as facials, dermafiling, dermaplaning, peels and waxing. It can vary with each client, as I am free to perform additional upgrades with each service. The great thing about Skin Therapy at Massage Retreat & Spa is it is highly personalized depending on what the clients goals and needs are!

When I’m Not in the Room

In my down time there are many things I can do to build my business. I like to do two-day follow up calls with my clients to help strengthen our relationship and build the trust that is so important. Spending time up in the lobby near the retail products is another way I use my down time. This gives me the opportunity to be available to any clients who have questions. I can also spend some concentrated time with a client who may be unfamiliar with our skin services and product. There is always something I can do to keep myself busy throughout my day!” – Kristi J. | Area Skin Lead – Savage