Cold Weather. Hot Stones.

Warm your soul with a hot stone massage

You may have experienced a therapeutic or relaxation massage, but nothing warms your muscles and soul like a hot stone massage.

Like the name says, hot stone massage is performed using river rocks or basalt stones, an igneous rock, which maintains the heat for long periods of time. Ideal temperature is between 127º and 130º Fahrenheit.

Why choose a hot stone massage?

There are several reasons, but universally, the hot stones deeply penetrate the muscles and soft tissue to alleviate pain, tightness, soreness and provide stress relief. The hot stones increase your circulation, which helps the effectiveness of the massage. The stones are both left on pressure points, and used by the therapist in part of the massage technique. And when you feel chilled, the hot stones warm you from the outside-in.

Does a hot stone massage sound like a benefit for you? If so, why wait? Our trained and friendly staff looks forward to assisting you. As with all massage therapy techniques, consult a doctor or your massage therapist to see if there are any contraindications to receiving a hot stone massage.

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