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Monthly Massages are the Solution to your New Year’s Resolution

Getting monthly massages is a great catalyst for your New Year’s resolution. Whether your New Year’s resolution is to exercise more, to eat healthier, to be more productive or present – massage can help you reach your goals and maintain them throughout the year.


The Nose Knows

Studies show that aromatherapy provides relief of several conditions and ailments. Additionally, certain scents can increase production and functionality.


Top 5 reasons to Schedule You Time

You’ve heard of a vacation and a staycation. Have you heard of a Youcation? Probably not, because I just made up the phrase. However, the benefits of scheduling time just for you are many and are well documented.


Six Fast Facts On Why You Need A Fall Facial

1. Cleans blocked pores. All summer long you faced the elements, applied sunscreen and perspired. Plain and simple, your pores are clogged. Open them up. Read More

Hot Stone Massage | Massage Retreat and Spa

Cold Weather. Hot Stones.

You may have experienced a therapeutic or relaxation massage, but nothing warms your muscles and soul like a hot stone massage. Read More


Waxing and Hair Removal

Let’s face it!  Shaving is no fun, and razor blades are not cheap.  Not too mention, the lovely nicks, dings and razor burn associated with shaving. If you’re tired of spending countless hours a month shaving your legs, underarms, bikini area, back, chest, and more, why not consider waxing as your hair removal option?  At… Read More


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Breathing Exercises to Enhance Your Session’s Results

Breathing Exercises to Enhance Your Session's Results

Focused breathing is one of the quickest ways to change your physical and emotional state. We have outlined a few exercises that will help decrease feelings of anxiety, increase pulmonary efficiency and refocus your mind and body for prolonged relaxation results after your massage or skin service with us. Antiarousal Pursed-Lip Breathing Enhances pulmonary efficiency… Read More

NEWSFLASH: Skin Sensitivity is On The Rise!

Sensitive skin can be a tricky one to treat. More and more of our clients are complaining of sensitive skin. Complaints range anywhere from itchy, tight, stinging skin to small, rash-like bumps that seemingly appear out of nowhere. We now know that sensitized skin is a combination of factors: lifestyle, physiology and environment. It can… Read More

How Scary Is Your Skin?

How Scary Is Your Skin?

With one of the biggest holidays for heavy, fancy makeup comes one of the biggest days for stripping and damaging your skin. How can you get that makeup off easily? DERMALOGICA PRECLEANSE Red hairspray, glitter gel, Dracula paste? Try Precleanse on your hair to remove all the devilish product build-up. Simply apply to dry hair,… Read More

A-Choo! How Massage Affects Cold Recovery

A-Choo! How Massage Affects Cold Recovery

I’ve always found that I get over a cold much more quickly when I get a massage. Especially if I take it easy that day and drink a lot of water. Does that make sense? – Sandra L. Hi Sandra! ‘Tis the season of sniffles and fevers, no? Everything you’ve described makes perfect sense. I… Read More