Monthly Massages are the Solution to your New Year’s Resolution

Monthly Massages are the Solution to your New Year’s Resolution
Getting monthly massages is a great catalyst for your New Year’s resolution. Whether your New Year’s resolution is to exercise more, to eat healthier, to be more productive or present – massage can help you reach your goals and maintain them throughout the year.

Here are a few reasons to include massage as part of your new year’s resolution:

* If your New Year’s resolution is to exercise or to improve your athletic performance

Many people use the New Year to get back into shape, lose weight, or step up their athletic performance. Massage does amazing things for athletes and for anyone who exercises. Massage helps to increase range of motion and flexibility, reduce inflammation, reduce pain, provides energy and enhances exercise/athletic performance.

* If your New Year’s resolution is be healthier

If you are looking to be healthier in 2019, adding massage to your resolution is essential. Massage has many health benefits including: boosting immunity, increasing circulation, flushing bodily toxins, lowering blood pressure, and regulating blood sugar. It also has positive effects on mental health by relaxing the body and the mind, and relieving stress.

* If your New Year’s resolution is to be more productive

Massage is a great way to relax, rest, and rejuvenate. When we allow our bodies and our minds time for rejuvenation and relaxation, they perform better. Massage also helps improve sleep quality, which will help you function more productively throughout the day. Rest and relaxation are essential elements to a more productive year.

* If your New Year’s resolution is to learn how to manage stress better

One of the most affordable and effective ways to relieve stress and keep stress hormone levels in control is to get regular massages.

* If your New Year’s resolution is to spend less time staring at a screen of some kind

If you are wanting to spend less time engaging on social media, or watching T.V., then consider getting massages regularly. The one hour, ninety minutes, or two hours you spend on the massage table each month means that you are free from your phone and the TV for at least that amount of time. Getting regular massage brings you into the present moment, and into your body, mind and soul. Once you experience massage on a regular basis you will notice being in the present moment more often and checking your phone less.

* If your New Year’s resolution is to live life to the fullest

Massage helps us live our lives to the fullest. The many health benefits of massage help the body and mind return to a state of balance. It helps us to become more present, less tense, reduce pain, and makes us all around healthier. The best part of getting regular massages, is how great you feel afterwards – often happier and more positive

Whatever your New Year’s resolution is, we are certain that massage will help get there. Regular massage will enhance your quality of life and help improve your overall health. Make your New Year’s resolution stick this year by making regular massage the solution to your resolution.